miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010


today i need tips from every witch .. on what topic to investigate..
i probable know the basics on these:
ritual tools
stones gems crystals
a tiny bit of Deities
a bit numerology
law of attraction

i need help...
i want to learn everything i can!.. and living in mexico doesnt help.. there arent much wiccans here...

so please help
blessed be

2 comentarios:

  1. You don't sound completely green (as in new) in the ways of the path, but I suggest learning a basic history of witchcraft. There were three consecutive years in high school when I did a report on the history of the craft and every single report was different! Knowing where we're coming from when we do what we do helps deepen the meanings and broaden our horizons. It also tends to help us bend with the wind when something goes "wrong" in ritual or when we need to find symbolism in something that may seem very straightforward. Good luck!

  2. thanks.. yesterday i talking to a friend about that.. he just told be to practice practice practice.. ill earn faster that way. :D