miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

a bit more

my life has always been surronded by magick
for what i know and remember ive always been pretty happy by myself, i just love the idea of having the time to think
and when ever i would let some one in.. they would coment .. your look, your eyes, etc. look magickal. you look like a fairy. .. once even, a guy came up to me n said.. you.re wiccan! i was like 15 ..didint know what it was.. wasnt interested.
and now i know that i have been living a wiccan life all my life without knowing it
although people had tried to tell me before.
i would scry since i was really young
id collect stone n crystals
talk to the moon every night, even dedictaed my daughter to her
Luna :)
i would practice visualization without knowing it
meditate without knowing it
i remember doing potions in the garden alone haha
i really started casting when i was 13 maybe less
by the time i was 18 i thought i was being really cool by saying : i do what to ever i want. but i always respect every one.
trying to investigate magickal herbs wicca came up
and i was wowwwed!
and now i know ive been a witch for minimum 4 lives in a row
im really glad i found out really young .. cause im only 24
i have a long my to go.
now.. i spend most my time researching reading learing and practicing with my best friend, which has been part of my coven for the past 4 lives.
(we were so excited when we found out)

that was a bit more of my story
blessed be

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